Connect with the Cosmetics Industry.

Meet new connections, discover new products, expand your knowledge and be inspired by the latest innovations.

Visiting Making Cosmetics is an effective opportunity to see what is available on the market, address key issues, consider new concepts and come away with clear approaches in mind. It brings an essential focus to the many levels of knowledge and expertise necessary for developing personal care products that are fit for purpose, stable and compliant; and to manufacture, design and market them in a controlled, safe and audited manner.

The Exhibition offers you access to the products, equipment, expertise and services of over 40 companies- options, ideas, information and solutions to technical challenges for sourcing, manufacturing and outsourcing personal care products.

The Conference content recognises the importance of keeping up to date with technical, legal and commercial developments related to producing personal care products and the importance of managing the complex and demanding processes involved in taking products from concept to consumer.

The majority of conference sessions, workshops and demonstrations found at Making Cosmetics are FREE to attend for industry professionals. Please apply to Register HERE.