The Value of Sensory in the Beauty Game

Research amongst our Sensory Dimensions Community revealed that looking after one’s appearance was a morale booster during Lockdown with skincare and indulgence becoming the focus of those precious moments. The texture and fragrance of creams and lotions is without doubt a major contributor to their luxuriance and a driver of consumer choice.

It makes sense then to focus during formulation on getting these sensory aspects of products spot-on and to use sensory methods to understand the role of raw ingredients, compare competitor products and measure closeness to a marketing brief. We are currently using sensory to help clients develop ‘free-from’ hair and skincare products, to identify new white space opportunities in the growing hand sanitiser market, and to design more durable and more efficient razors.

Spring brings a fresh approach and sees us embracing Artificial Intelligence within personal care testing. We are using smart speaker technology to collect sensory data when hands are wet, foamy and busy, and have been investigating the ability of machine learning to predict sensory response to hair condition. In addition, we can complement our personal care claims testing service with implicit measures of claim believability and ownership.

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