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Beauty Undefined with Croda’s #nofilterneeded

Real life doesn’t have a filter and you don’t need one either! Discover Croda’s new Beauty Undefined #nofilterneeded, a two-step routine for healthy-looking, naturally boosted skin. Step one is our Naturally Boosted Smoothing Eye Cream with its soft, rich, velvety feel that helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. On-the-go,... Read more »

Croda’s latest innovation – ChromaPur™ CV2 and CV7

Developed from a patented technology, ChromaPur CV2 and CV7 are high quality spheroidal cellulose powders with a unique surface structure and morphology, enabling them to provide exceptional sensory and optical benefits, including a soft-focus effect in skin care, and a enhanced pay-off, coverage and colour intensity in colour cosmetics. ChromaPur CV2 and CV7 are obtained from sustainable practices across the entire production... Read more »

Croda’s Top Five Vegan Suitable Formulations

Veganism has gone from niche to necessary and it's not just about food - it also applies to our skincare regimes, and with planet-friendly beauty  also on the rise, vegan beauty is a great step to becoming more eco-conscious. Check out our Top Five vegan suitable* range of formulations that will help to provide the very best... Read more »

Sederma & UEBT

Contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and make its supply more ethical and transparent. For the second year in a row Sederma is proud to renew its membership as a member of the UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade). This international organisation promotes an ethical sourcing of natural ingredients. The UEBT establishes good practices to be... Read more »

Sunscreen and UV filter myth busters – SPF

Read the full blog on Croda's website here! Welcome to the third blog from the sunscreen and UV filter myth busters series. There are so many myths surrounding sunscreens and SPF, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. And while the majority of myths are spread by social media, we are also seeing... Read more »

Beauty trends 2023 Crodarom analyses the WGSN beauty forecast S/S 2023

WGSN has outlined the innovations and lifestyle drivers that will shape all product categories in S/S 23. At Crodarom we are experts in trend insights, creating innovative concepts that are adapted to the beauty market. In this blog, we have analysed the latest WGSN report and selected the most relevant and high-performing beauty trends that... Read more »

Solar protection – UV filter active ingredients

As the world’s leading supplier of mineral sunscreen dispersions and driven by our Purpose, to use ‘Smart Science to Improve Lives’ we are tackling some of the biggest challenges the world is facing today and have made a commitment to be ‘Climate, Land and People Positive’ by 2030. One of our Hero Targets is to... Read more »

Healing the holobiont for a blemish-banned, smooth and healthy skin

Being the brand-new inclusive active ingredient launched by Sederma, BB-BIONT™ is a biomimetic peptide and a gentle alternative to aesthetic medicine allowing to smooth the appearance of pockmarks. The intimate relationship between the human body with its microbiome is more than a symbiotic system. It creates a supraorganism called holobiont. Each damage in the skin... Read more »

Enhancing the sustainability of surfactants to cater for conscious consumers

Sustainability is no longer an abstract concept. The pursuit of sustainability may have previously been viewed as a noble endeavour; however, over the last 18 months, scenes such as the visible reduction of air pollution in Delhi1 have demonstrated the incredible, restorative force of Mother Nature. Consumers are galvanised, increasingly appreciating the importance of simplicity and... Read more »