Eye-catching, sustainable & natural beauty with Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry

  • Customers are more conscious, especially in the make-up industry. It is important to them that the ingredients are of natural source.

    The solution: Sustainably sourced mica

    Mica from our wholly owned and ethically opeated mine in Georgia, USA.

    • Full traceablility from source to supply
    • Eco-conscious mining with zero-process waste, water recycling and reforestation
    • Guaranteed to be child labour free

    Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry F90H

    Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry is a bold, chromatic metallic-like effect pigment based on sustainably sourced and traceable natural mica. It delivers a unique, vibrant magenta color without carmine or synthetic organic colorants, providing superior color intensity for clean and vegan trends.


    • No fading, staining or bleeding
    • Ethically sourced natural mica
    • Clean and vegan
    • No application limitations

    Unlimited possibilities

    From eyeshadow to lip oils, Cloisonné Vibrant Raspberry can be combined with other colorants and effects to create applications in a wide range of hues and desired effects. Explore our unique formulations that prove bold expressions of color can also stand for natural beauty and sustainable choices.

    You can find additional information about Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry directly using our website for personal care industry. You can also contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.