From one fruit, six cosmetic ingredients grow!

Infinity Ingredients are delighted to announce they are the exclusive distributor for Laboratoires Expanscience in the UK and Ireland. With over 40% of their cosmetic ingredients being upcycled, discover how it all started with a single avocado… 

Already a trusted name in pharmaceuticals, Laboratoires Expanscience expanded into cosmetic ingredients in 1977 – and it all began with the humble avocado.

By upcycling the avocado oil that was a by-product of their pharmaceutical activity, they were able to extract oils and precious molecules from this single plant to create many active ingredients with different properties.

Now, using discarded avocados from the food industry (that are too ‘wonky’), they use the whole fruit; including the skin, kernel and pulp to produce six innovative cosmetic ingredients:

Three actives:

  • Effipulp® – offers anti-ageing, detoxifying and plumping properties
  • Avocado Powder – an alternative to plastic micro-beads, it accelerates skin renewal and brightens the complexion
  • Number 6 – effectively reduces dark circles and under eye bags

Three sensorial ingredients:

  • Avocado Oil (Standard & Premium) – this emollient provides a velvet touch whilst nourishing, softening and protecting the skin.
  • 5α Avocuta® T – reduces excessive secretions of sebum from the scalp and skin, reducing the shiny appearance of the t-zone and reducing dandruff.


However,this is just the start of their upcycling story, find out more here:

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Company Profile

Laboratoire Expanscience

With over 40 years’ experience in plant-based raw materials, Laboratoire Expanscience produce innovative cosmetic actives and high quality sensorial ingredients – with expertise in lipid chemistry, molecular distillation and plant extraction.

Infinity Ingredients

A refreshingly different cosmetic ingredient distributor in the UK and Ireland.  Infinity Ingredients offer an extensive range of innovative solutions, bringing customers fresh new ideas whilst delivering a high quality and personal service.