Dolphin Skin – The freshest K-Beauty trend

K-Beauty has been a key driver of trends in skincare and color cosmetics for a while now and it continues to inspire with innovative formats, exciting textures and high-tech ingredients. The latest Korean beauty trend flooding our Instagram and TikTok feeds is “Dolphin Skin”. “Dolphin Skin” is all about smooth skin with an even complexion and a luminous glow that leaves the skin with a dewy fresh-out-of-water shine.

While some of us still try to remove even the tiniest of sheens from our faces, glossy finishes have been trending in Korean beauty for some time now, and for good reason: a radiant shine gives the skin a well-hydrated and well-nourished look and an overall healthy appearance. The “Dolphin Skin” trend takes inspiration from other glow-centric K-Beauty fads, noteworthily “Glass Skin”, which promotes a translucent, almost transparent appearance, and “Mirror Skin”, which aspires a complexion that reflects light like a mirror.

The key to achieving luminous “Dolphin Skin” is healthy, ultra-hydrated skin combined with products that provide a smooth surface as well as a multidimensional glow.

Discover formulations to attain the shiny “Dolphin Skin” look in four steps!