The Water-saving Haircare Revolution

IT’S TIME TO JOIN THE WATER-SAVING HAIRCARE REVOLUTION! Waterless & low-water haircare formulations can come in a variety of forms, including balms, powders, solid bars and oils. Some are highly concentrated – such as solid bars and powders – which help to reduce the volume and weight of a finished product, lowering the carbon footprint... Read more »

The Best Body Butters from the Brazilian Rainforest

The Best Body Butters from the Brazilian Rainforest In this post we’re helping you to dive into the depths of the rainforest and explore the best body butters from the Brazilian rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most important eco-systems in the world and its rich flora and fauna have provided medicine and... Read more »

Enhancing the sustainability of surfactants to cater for conscious consumers

Sustainability is no longer an abstract concept. The pursuit of sustainability may have previously been viewed as a noble endeavour; however, over the last 18 months, scenes such as the visible reduction of air pollution in Delhi1 have demonstrated the incredible, restorative force of Mother Nature. Consumers are galvanised, increasingly appreciating the importance of simplicity and... Read more »

Plastic Packaging Tax

A £200 per tonne plastic tax will come into effect from the 1st April 2022 in the UK, what does it mean for our industry and how can we minimise the impact of this tax? The Plastic Problem Plastic is amazing! It’s revolutionised our lives and brought convenience to many industries. If plastic disappeared overnight,... Read more »

Sourcing Stories: Explore the Origins of Cold Pressed Cranberry Oil

In this Sourcing Stories edit we’re exploring the origins of Cold Pressed Cranberry Oil. We uncover how cranberries are grown, harvested and processed to create this nutrient-packed, skin loving oil. What is the product? Our cold pressed Cranberry Oil is stunningly fresh and has a light, fruity aroma. Packed with anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, this oil... Read more »

Sustainable Beauty for 2022

To request any ingredients, formulations or concept kits mentioned within this article, please email 2022 will see beauty brands placing focus beyond carbon neutral status to a new gold standard in sustainability, as conscious cosmetics consumption continues to rise. Certification and regulations will be key to eradicating misleading communications, whilst also creating a level playing... Read more »

BeauSens® PG4

Mild surfactant for skin support BeauSens® PG4 is a brand new sustainable & mild surfactant by ROELMI HPC. Obtained through low-impact processing of sunflower oil, this delicate non-ionic surfactant has low foaming power and generates small and compact bubbles that deliver a pleasant washing experience. Thanks to its gentle cleansing activity, which helps protect the... Read more »


The Vegan-friendly alternative to beeswax ABWAX® MIMIC BEESWAX from Brasca represents the best plant-based alternative to beeswax. This viscosifying, film-forming and texturising agent has been developed through the use of renewable and sustainable raw materials, with the aim of achieving excellent formulation performance. Especially recommended in the formulation of cosmetic and personal care products, ABWAX®... Read more »

Secrets of the upcycling trend in cosmetics

RESTAURING VALUE TO WASTE FROM THE FOOD INDUSTRY OR EVEN FROM COSMETIC PROCESS BY-PRODUCTS? THIS IS THE CHALLENGE FOR COSMETIC BRANDS NOWADAYS. Keep remembering Lavoisier’s mantra: “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” A circular economy has been developing to counter the effects of the linear established economy, which depletes non-renewable resources, and poor waste management... Read more »