New data underlines efficacy

New data underlines efficacy of Symrise SymReboot™ L19 as a processed-probiotic scalp solution in shampoo — Visibly reduces scalp dryness and dry dandruff flakes after only 2 weeks — Soothes scalp redness and itching and promotes a healthy scalp microbiome — Combines innovation from two key areas: probiotics and sensitive skin — Opens up new... Read more »

Symrise reorganizes business with cosmetic ingredients and perfume compositions

— Dr. Jörn Andreas taking responsibility for the Cosmetic Ingredients division — Eder Ramos becoming responsible for the Fragrance division — Geared towards growth of rapidly expanding divisions and customer-oriented service models Symrise AG is reorganizing its Scent & Care segment, the business with fragrances, perfume compositions and cosmetic ingredients. The company wants to further... Read more »

Lucas Meyer’s Dendriclear™

Is a very innovative active ingredient against the factors responsible for acne. Advances in our understanding of the microbiome simply decreasing the C.acnes quantity is no longer key to clearing acne but rebalancing its distribution between acneic and non-acneic strains is! Composed of a unique patented lysine dendrimer obtained with a green chemistry manufacturing process,... Read more »

Sustainable Cellulose Fibres for Wrinkle Filling, Soft Focus & Blurring

JRS - VIVAPUR CS 4FM Sustainable Cellulose Fibres For Wrinkle Filling, Soft Focus and  Blurring   Ultra Small 4 Micron Particle Size Wrinkle Filling Light Scattering Perfect for Primers, Concealers and Eye Contour Serums     JRS’s extensive range of cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose based sensorial and effect powders is well known. The range of... Read more »

Ecovadis Gold again for Alfa Chemicals!

Alfa Chemicals are proud to announce that we have again been awarded a Gold CSR rating by Ecovadis. The Award recognises supply chain sustainability by benchmarking against industry peers. For further information about Ecovadis, visit

Borēaline® Aurora

Borēaline® Aurora is a sustainable active ingredient obtained from upcycling bark from white pine. Known as the “King of the Forest” and the “Tree of Peace,” white pine is a mystical tree that appears in numerous legends. Borēaline® Aurora is inspired by the white pine's search for light and the aurora borealis that illuminate the... Read more »

Citroleo’s CitroPet

CitroPet is an EXCLUSIVE range designed specifically for animals.   C-CARE C-Care offers intense care for the animals' delicate skin. Full of natural components, it brings warmth and affection from the velvety and soft touch, to the protective and regenerating effects. C-Care offers no risk to the animal or to the groomer. It treats from... Read more »

Salvona’s MultiSal™ Asta

MultiSal™ Asta is a delivery system containing Astaxanthin, which is a naturally occurring blood-red pigment (carotenoid) often found in microalgae. Astaxanthin is a natural anti-inflammatory agent with potent antioxidant (6000 times stronger than Vitamin C!) properties. It offers anti-ageing effects to reduce wrinkles, degradation of skin elasticity, and age spots (liver spots). Astaxanthin may inhibit... Read more »

Lucas Meyer’s IBR-Chill™

Infinity Ingredients is proud to represent Lucas Meyer Cosmetics here in the UK and Ireland.  Their latest product launch is IBR-ChillTM - Meditation in a bottle to fight Anxi-Aging™   As you all know, stress and anxiety have been exacerbated due to the global pandemic.  The resulting COVID FACE is a big concern for consumers... Read more »