Break the cycle of irritated skin: The upcycling experts at Full Circle are back with their most advanced active yet

Brewery by-products are a hot topic when it comes to cosmetics, with recent studies showing that they are a treasure trove of skin-loving actives. Full Circle’s new Barley TONIQ® is no exception; by utilising clever enzymatic extraction, they have supercharged fermented barley to create a potent skin-soothing active that rapidly rebalances irritated skin.

With a single application, Barley TONIQ® soothes skin redness by up to 23% in just 2 hours, stopping irritation in its tracks; and the results get even better over time. Given its potency, Barley TONIQ® can be incorporated into skincare formulations at use levels as low as 1%.

Barley TONIQ®’s soothing action is largely attributed to its high amino acid content, made possible by green enzyme extraction. The result is a concentrated mixture of carbohydrates, short-chain proteins and polypeptides, and data reveals that Barley TONIQ® comprises 8 of the 9 essential amino acids that are known to help reduce the appearance of irritated skin and boost the skin’s barrier function.

Continuing to push what’s possible when it comes to zero waste, Barley TONIQ® is preserved with a microbiome-friendly grade of propanediol which comes from an upcycled, non-GMO feedstock.

“We’re really pleased to have found such an exceptional source of brewery leftovers which are rich in amino acids and other beneficial nutrients. It demonstrates that we simply don’t need to create brand new supply chains to create quality, high performing ingredients – instead, we can upcycle perfectly good plant leftovers that would otherwise go to waste,” says Harry McIlwraith, General Manager at Full Circle.

In line with Full Circle’s mission to make upcycled ingredients accessible to all – and to further reduce waste within the supply chain – there are no MOQs which means formulators can purchase as little or as much as they need.

“Price and high MOQs are some of the biggest barriers to adoption – especially for indie brands and start-ups – which is why we decided to introduce a no-MOQ policy and reduce our pricing for future developments including our newly launched Gin TONIQ®, and now Barley TONIQ®,” adds McIlwraith.

“We want to help the beauty industry reach the point where there is no reason not to use upcycled ingredients.”

Full Circle is working on expanding the TONIQ® range even further this year, helping to build a wider portfolio of upcycled ingredients.

Barley TONIQ® is available to purchase from The Full Circle Shop (, and Full Circle’s global distribution network.