Borēaline® Aurora

Borēaline® Aurora is a sustainable active ingredient obtained from upcycling bark from white pine. Known as the “King of the Forest” and the “Tree of Peace,” white pine is a mystical tree that appears in numerous legends. Borēaline® Aurora is inspired by the white pine’s search for light and the aurora borealis that illuminate the boreal sky with breath-taking colours and shapes. Borēaline® Aurora protects and acts on three different parameters of skin complexion to give you clear, even skin for an optimal luminous look. With its unique polyphenol composition, Borēaline® Aurora reduces melanin synthesis by a direct and indirect (cell-to-cell communication) action on melanogenesis, reduces skin inflammation, and protects proteins from carbonylation. This simultaneous action on three different key parameters reduces the appearance of redness and yellowness, improves skin translucency and increases skin tone evenness for a more luminous, radiant and glowing skin. Borēaline® Aurora illuminates and evens out skin tone in just 14 days, improves skin translucency and clarity, reduces the appearance of age spots and reduces the appearance of skin redness and yellowness.