Ashland launches ‘conscious beauty formulations’

Ashland has recently launched a collection of beauty-conscious formulations for skin and oral care. The company said that the collection “was inspired by the increased global movement to live sustainably and ethically”.

All have high natural content, minimal ingredients and were formulated without the use of sulfates, silicones, microplastics or animal-derived ingredients. They include:

  • Phyteq raspberry multifunctional, a natural, COSMOS-validated antimicrobial booster with proven skin benefits, made with a solvent-free process and renewable energy
  • Santalwood biofunctional, another COSMOS-validated, natural ingredient, sourced from upcycled wood chips, that is said to bring “a new approach to well-ageing and skin renewal”
  • Lubrajel Oil PF hydrogel, a nature-derived, biodegradable moisturizer for lubricity and a light, dimethicone light feel in a preservative-free hydrogel
  • Klucel HPC and Benecel HPMC, two thickeners made from sustainable cellulose