Are You Ready for AYUREDI®?

Do you know what exposome means?

The exposome is the compilation of environmental and lifestyle stress factors, including a wide range of factors such as UV light, pollution, nutrition, psychological stress, lack of sleep…

Exposome amounts to collagen and elastin fibers degradation and the alteration of the skin barrier function.

It is important to feel good about yourself – more especially with regard to skin ageing.


We introduce AYUREDI®, an active ingredient that supports your skin to age well by protecting it from the exposome.

Extract from holy basil, an adaptogenic plant sourced in Thailand, AYUREDI® is 100% natural and COSMOS approved.

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Ayuredi_three pathways.jpg


Rich in polyphenols, AYUREDI® acts on three skin pathways making it a real holistic active ingredient:

  • Strengthens cell defense to fight skin ageing

Protects the skin from oxidative stress induced by the exposome (environmental & psychological stresses, in particular damages linked to cortisol)

  • Boosts cell energy & breathing to illuminate the skin

Protects and restores the essential functions of mitochondria, the energy factories of our cells

  • Reduces inflamm’ageing to soothe the skin

Decreases inflammation mediators production

The skin balance is restored for a serene skin!