AMTicide® VAF: Antimicrobial Preservatives for Cosmetic Products

Lincolnton, North Carolina, 7th December 2021 – Focusing our efforts on natural product chemistry, Active Micro Technologies has combined cosmetic functionality with antimicrobial activity to develop a product range of multi-functional ingredients. This sustainable, nature-based product line includes aqueous, oil-soluble, anhydrous, and powder treatment materials that can reduce or eliminate the need for conventional preservatives.


AMTicide® VAF (Propanediol & Bacillus Ferment & Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate) is an antimicrobial active developed by co-fermenting Bacillus subtilis with Saccharomyces boulardii in a defined growth media. US Patent 11,193,147 describes this co-ferment as an antimicrobial agent, which can prevent or inhibit fungal growth within an area of a closed container housing a product.


Many alternative preservatives are non-volatile and cannot evaporate to prevent the microbial growth associated with packaging. Packaging is a critical component for the successful preservation of personal care products. For a variety of packaging options, including jars, ensuring that the packaging headspace remains free of contamination is essential to prevent contamination of the entire formulation.


Bacillus spp. are well-known rhizosphere residents of agricultural crops, including tomato, corn, and soybeans. This bacterium can produce non-volatile and volatile secondary metabolites that exhibit antifungal activity as a mechanism of biocontrol to prevent plant diseases caused by fungi. Saccharomyces boulardii is a probiotic strain of yeast, which can interact with other microorganisms. This co-inoculation captures an enhanced production of volatile compounds by the Bacillus cells. Through selective filtration techniques, the volatile organic metabolites are isolated and extracted to deliver a high potency volatile agent that delivers a moisturizing and antifungal activity for effective headspace protection.


USPTO Patent: 11,193,147
Published on: 7th December 2021
Title: “Antimicrobial Preservatives for Cosmetic Products”
Inventor: Durant Scholz et al.

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